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An excerpt will be available soon...

Millie, a Ddrymmian Sting baby, had always dreamed of moving to the Preservation Precinct. Fed up with her Ddrymmian community, their superstitions and their endless ceremonies, she craved the glamour and prestige of the Preservation Precinct. Naïve about what that glamour concealed, she moved there and proved herself worthy. Until the unthinkable happed.


StoryEarth Chronicles: The Sting Baby, examines prejudice, dogma, and the perils of inflexibility through Millie’s journey—eventually ushering us into the mysteries of the unseen world, and its possibilities for redemption.

In an age when every new novel seems to have the sticky texture of derivation, Tina Lear has conjured StoryEarth, a fresh new place in our literary universe. Full of humor and tragedy, it is wonderfully rich, particular, and distinct, yet its underpinnings are timeless and universal truths.
-Mark Spencer, Author of An Untimely Frost, [Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2019]

New Fantasy Fiction Coming in 2023

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