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An excerpt from StoryEarth Chronicles:
The Sting Baby

The link below will take  you to an excerpt from Chapter Two. The book is set in StoryEarth, where stories are held sacred, and all nutrition comes from language.


MamaLinn and MamaBette are Millie's mothers. They live in the area  called Ddrym, which encircles the Preservation Precinct where stories are kept whole and alive. And while both regions hold stories sacred, they hold very poor opinions of one another. The Precinct looks down on Ddrymmians for being superstitious and backward. And  Ddrymmians chafe at the Precinct's harsh ideologies and rigid attachments.

Here, we enter into MamaLinn's kitchen. Millie is thirteen, and an argument escalates.

Buy your copy either direct from me, or at amazon or barnes & noble, or--best of all--please please please support the indie bookstore of your choice!

In an age when every new novel seems to have the sticky texture of derivation, Tina Lear has conjured StoryEarth, a fresh new place in our literary universe. Full of humor and tragedy, it is wonderfully rich, particular, and distinct, yet its underpinnings are timeless and universal truths.
-Mark Spencer, Author of An Untimely Frost, [Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2019]
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