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What I'm Reading...

I got a very spotty education. But hey, I'm a grownup. I know how to use the library. I will cobble together my own education by following Ray Bradbury's advice. (If you click on the link, start at the 8'19" point for the program he lays out.)

This is my (our) loosely held book club. We don't need to read the same books. Let's just exchange ideas, interpretations, etc. So. Engage with me, please. If I don't get, say, Edgar Allan Poe, I invite you to expand my horizons. OR, let's have a blast arguing in passionate and respectful ways. Sound good?

Here's how it works: You'll go here (it's a Facebook page called "TinaLearWrites". Just find me there, and I'll have posted something about my reading. You can either respond there, or you can fill in the blanks below :-)

If you respond to me on FB, we'll all be able to have the conversation together. 


What are you reading?
or, you can ask me stuff, tell me stuff, go for it.

Thanks for submitting!

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