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The Writings of Tina Lear

She’s lived in Switzerland, Los Angeles, Wyoming, Italy, Seattle, New York, you name it. Her grandfather was a world-renowned Vaudeville comedian, and her father created the Learjet. Ms. Lear used this high-octane fuel to power her life, which has led her on the long, fascinating journey to where she is now--sitting at her laptop in a home she shares with her wife of twenty years and their beloved little dog, Ruby.


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In this debut collection of poems, Tina Lear sends some tenderness to the little girl hiding in plain sight, the  woman sleeping around long after it isn’t fun anymore, the mother screaming at her kids, the wife trying to jump out the window of a marriage on fire, and the daughter watching Jeopardy with her ancient, bedridden mother.

It's a loose autobiography in poems, divided into six sections. They range from my sometimes strange youth, to the hard road of marriage and motherhood, all the way to the waning days of very old age, and the nectar that comes from all of it—ending with a whimsical look at possible worlds.

Partial Views is a love letter to all the ways in which we try and fail and try again to meet our reflection in the mirror and whisper yes.

Peek into the world of StoryEarth, the place where her new novel is set.

 In a heartbeat, Millie spoke a name that not only triggered world-altering events, but burned her life down forever.


Her cast-mates blanched with horror as the alarms went off. Within minutes Agent Four Seven blew through the door. He paused and Millie shot him a look where the whole of their friendship and enmity died and became just another agonizing cog in the wheel of procedure.  


Millie, a Ddrymmian Sting baby, had always dreamt of moving to the Preservation Precinct. Fed up with her Ddrymmian community, their superstitions and endless ceremonies, she craved the glamour and prestige of the Preservation Precinct. Naïve about what that glamour concealed, she moved there and proved herself worthy. Until the unthinkable happed.  


StoryEarth Chronicles: The Sting Baby, examines prejudice, dogma, and the perils of inflexibility through Millie’s journey—eventually ushering us into the mysteries of the unseen world, and its possibilities for redemption.

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