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I'm Doing This.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The writer, Shaunta Grimes, introduced me to the 1000-Day MFA. It's a DIY education inspired originally by advice from Ray Bradbury. I'm doing this. And I'm making you my accountability buddy. Maybe you won't call me on it, maybe you're not even reading this--but the mere possibility of You is enough for me. The idea that I've said "I'm doing this" in this very public way--it makes it real for me, so I get to make it real for you. Here's how it works:

Every day, I read a poem, an essay, and a short story.

Every week, I write a short story, and watch one movie (Shaunta Grimes suggests three movies, but I've chosen only one. That way I'll really follow through.).

Every month, I read a book on craft, plus a novel.

And once a week, this is where I tell you how it's going.

In the process, I will no doubt veer off the path, end up in the weeds, trying to recover a shoe I lost in the bog, or time I just lost in unconsciousness at the kitchen sink. Or I'll think up a million excuses for why I didn't (fill in the blank). But your presence with me, at least in my imagination, helps me remember there's someone watching, maybe even in a friendly, encouraging way. It puts wind in my sails.

(Mean Tina says, "Oh please. Like anyone cares. Like anyone's reading this."

Loving Tina says, "It doesn't matter if no one reads it. This is a game I'm playing for fun to see if it works. And if someone does read it, and likes it, how cool would that be!")

Here's my commitment:

Daily, I will post the poem, essay and short story I read.

Weekly, I will post a short story. (And maybe a review of the movie I watched)

Monthly, I will post thoughts about the novel I read. And the book on the craft of writing.

Setting sail tomorrow!


Count me in buddy! You can do this!


I love this! Congratulations! I look forward to your posts! I know how helpful it is to have accountability buddies. I’d never, well, seldom clean my house unless someone was coming over!

As John Chiardi used to say, “Good words to you.”

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