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We Don't Know Any Better

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

All over the globe, people closest to the land have felt the hard boot of progress on their backs.

They believed you could get  on the good side of terrible gods  with the right combination of objects,  words, liquid, clothing, dance, dreams, intent.

They didn’t know any better.

Do we? Do we really think we’re more progressive? Look at us.  Modern day shamans insert shapes into our bodies,  delete shapes. They pull our faces back behind our ears,  where nobody can see us. We feed the gods of youth  with our time and money. Through their servants,  they take away the hard-earned white and silver,  make us blondes, brunettes, redheads.

All day long, we pay homage to these gods. New  cars, talk radio, champagne, designer lines,  elitist gyms, non-elitist gyms, endless self- improvement workshops. We feed these  gods with our attention, hoping for  release from the indignities of  being ourselves.

We don’t know any better either.

You could put everything we know in a hat.  Combine it with all of Aristotle, Einstein,  Descartes, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Hawking, whoever. All the knowing of medicine women and men. All of Buddha, Abraham, Confucius, Christ.

It would be so small, you couldn’t even find it with the strongest microscope.

God is waiting inside us like a little kid. Waiting to be discovered. Trying not to give Her presence away with the giggling.

It’s not about knowing anything. At all.

It’s about _______________________.


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