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An unplugged writer meets the moon for the first time.

On my 60th birthday, my perceptive, imaginative friend, Liz Palladino, gave me a box that looked just like a book. You open the cover and it’s filled with writing prompts. Best gift ever. It’s inspired me to create a new Medium series called Writings from Liz’s BookBox. Gonna try and hit it every week till I get through the whole thing.

The Upward Pull Into Darkness

Since leaving social media I have a private relationship with the world. We’re closer.

And, just like a little child smiles differently  in front of a camera than  up at you from their bed as they awake,

the moon pulled me differently last night.  I felt it in the center of my chest… so much, I had to step into my boots 

barefoot, and clomp out into the 20º night  just to be with her, direct. And because I went by myself

without a camera, without my phone, she gave me a secret that not even I can know.

She stared down at my watching, so bright that dreaming mothers  everywhere mumbled you’ll hurt your eyes

in their sleep. She stared down at my watching  and opened the vein

to a primordial yearn. The pull  upward into darkness and stars. The desire  to be seen by that one unknowable 

fat bright silent eye  in the head of the body of God. And because this moment

would never be posted or shared or liked or tweeted by anyone ever, 

it went viral through my being, body and bones.

And she saw me.


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