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The 1000-Day MFA (recalibrated)

I've been posting every day, chronicling the reading I've done for the the 1000-Day MFA. But this is more of a list-y thing, and doesn't really merit a blogpost everyday. I first heard about this from Shaunta Grimes, who adapted it from a suggestion by Ray Bradbury, who talks about this DIY educational project here. (Start at the 8'33" point.)

I'm in this for the long haul. I've got an excel spreadsheet with all my reading for this project that I'll keep updating every day. I just won't be writing about it.

Every night however, before bed, the plan is to read:

1 poem

1 essay

1 short story

And every week, to write a short story. That is something you will be seeing.

With my heart in my throat, I'll be posting those stories. They will be awful to begin with. I don't care. They will get better. They have to, according to Ray Bradbury. If you do anything 143 times (which is approximately how many weeks there are in 1000 days), you're bound to get better at it toward the end.

Watch for the first of these weekly short stories, coming to your inbox this Friday (March 15th). After that, every Friday rain or shine, crap or genius, I will write and share a short story on this platform.

I will do it in the service of improving my skills.

I will do it as I develop the serenity to accept whatever story has offered itself for telling, the courage to tell it best I can, and the wisdom to keep the forked end down no matter who says what in the outer world.

Many blessings.



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