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Taking a Break During August

Hello my friends. I'm taking a break for the month of August.

During this time, we'll be working on a brand new website to herald my new poetry collection coming out in the fall (and later, a fantasy novel!).

Many blessings. And I'll leave you with this music, for anyone who's tired of the world.

Put your airpods on, hit "play," and let yourself come to a complete stop. Five minutes.

While you listen, give your eyeballs permission to relax in their sockets. Let your facial muscles rest. Relax the scalp. Let your shoulders soften. The chaos that is the heart and the belly--hold them in your arms with tenderness. Let them cry it out. Bless your hips, your knees, your ankles, your feet. Let the whole body be still for just this moment.

Wishing you peace, compassion and resilience. See you in September.


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