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Image Swimming: Day 4 of 60

Image Swimming: a term I invented for a series of literary meditations inspired by visual work — in this case, the work of Deborah Koff Chapin, creator of Soulcards. I’m using the cards from Deck 2. Please visit for more on this transformative process.

Image used with permission by Deborah Koff Chapin

Seen one way: Belief wrapped around our shoulders, we don’t know it’s just surfing us, that we could shrug it off like a shawl. It doesn’t know that either. Still, we look for the light, we invoke it into our hands out of nothing, we play with it, weaving it into our days, our drive to work, our descendants, hoping it won’t go away.

Seen another way: There is a shaft of light in Her mind, an unimpeded brilliance, that is reflected in everything She sees. She made me her LightCreature. She lifted me out of the mire, and brought me home to her heart, her hands the earth, her face the sky, and the darkness behind her the unknowable All.

Seen a third way: Both ways are true. And, nothing is true. And something else is truer, but there’s no way to get there. And,

it doesn’t matter.


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