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Goodnight Moon

Photo by Peter de Vink from Pexels

Since leaving social media I have a private relationship with the world. We’re closer.

and, just like a child smiles  differently in front of your camera than up at you from their  bedtime story 

before sleep,

the moon pulled me differently last night. I had to step barefoot into my boots,

clutch my coat to me and go out into the twenty degree night just to be with Her, direct.

And because I went by myself, without a camera, without a phone, 

She gave me a secret  that not even I can know.

She stared down at my looking up, so bright that dreaming mothers  everywhere mumbled  you’ll hurt your eyes  in their sleep.

I gave Her my watching

and it opened a vein  to the primordial yearn, the pull  upward into darkness and stars,  the desire to be seen by that one  unknowable, fat, bright  eye in the head  of the body  of god.

And because I’m not on social media, and this moment would never be posted, or liked, or shared, or commented on by anyone ever but me,

it went viral through my being  body and bones, 


She saw me.

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Goodnight Moon is an Awakening from sleep.! 🙏🏼❤️

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