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How to Deal with a Mess

this is a pile of laundry

remember the value of work, mistakes, growth, mud, sweat, wrinkles, stains, carelessness, accidents, time, getting dirty because you participated in life.

separate the darks, the brights, and the whites remember the benefits of critical thinking, sorting, analyzing, categorizing, reading labels.

turn the dial to the right setting for this load turn the dial to the right setting for every load, listen quietly for what is called for in each moment, avoid self-recrimination and pointless blaming, invoke realizations, gentle awakenings, realignments without judgment.

pull the dial to start the flow of water remember: it's not going to fall into your lap. you have to pull that dial, or press that button or whatever. you have to open your valves, YOU have to do whatever it takes so the universe can move through you, so it can cleanse, rinse, neutralize, renew and refresh every cell of your being.

pour in detergent this is what it's all about, right here. mercy, forgiveness, redemption, love, understanding, compassion, empathy, acceptance.

wait these things take time.

take the clothes out of the washer, and put them in the dryer move on when the time is right. keep the process going.

again, turn the dial to the right setting listen quietly (again and again) for what you need right now. too much heat may shrink the value of what was accomplished before. not enough will leave your dreams cold and damp.

wait remember that in the cycles of life, there is always a period during which the new growth must ‘set’— these things take time

takes clothes out of the dryer open your heart to the unparalleled joy of warm clean laundry in your arms. open to the quiet miracle of a larger perspective, a more well-informed opinion, a quieter heart, a clear head, a new you.


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