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100 Days of Gladness, Day 6

I caught myself believing something that wasn't true.

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Isn’t this image great? Someone with graphic art skills made plant material look like a heart. I love it for its lesson in how we see things. I saw the heart because the artist wanted me to. The image entered my eyes, and my brain buzzed with I recognize this! Heart!

So that’s what happens when an image enters from the outside, and we make something it.

But what happens when the image comes from the inside? Let’s say it’s a belief — especially one I don’t know I’m holding? A belief I mistake for the truth. Something like, I’m deteriorating.

This takes shape in my outer world in direct relationship to how much I ‘know’ it to be true.

Let’s look at I’m deteriorating. Well, I am. I’m 69. My face is a map of gravity and grump. My bones ache. My handwriting is shaky. I can’t see. I don’t remember stuff like I used to. And I’m tired all the time. It’s old age.

Or is it? Is it old age, or is it that I’m so convinced I’m deteriorating, it keeps me from exercising.

I used to be a YOGA TEACHER. What happened to that? What happened to that wisdom, and that body movement? It’s not like I stopped because I became paralyzed. I just stopped. I haven’t even wanted to do the brisk walking everyone says is so good for you. Why? Because of my attachment to the idea that I’m deteriorating.

What if I let go of that belief, that attachment, for today? What if I let go of it one day at a time for thirty days? Letting go of it by making room for a little exercise. Gradually, wisely. What would happen? How would my body feel?

I have an inkling of it. It’s the hopeful little sprout growing up out of the top of the heart graphic.

That, my friends, is a little green gladness taking shape in me right now. I’m going to take the belief that I’m ‘deteriorating’ and compost it. Let it rot in the way things are supposed to, to create new life. And I’m going to plant a new seed (Exercise for real every day —don’t go crazy, but be consistent) and see what happens.

Gladness, Day 6.

How are you looking for gladness in your life? Sometimes we just don’t want to. It’s okay if that’s where you are right now. But if you were looking for it — where would your gladness be?

Talk to me.


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