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100 Days of Gladness: Day 31

Making Faerie Beds With My Grandson

Photo by Tina Lear

There is a realm of magic living inside us all, but especially

in the bones of a five year old.

William and I share a similar distance

from the Door to Elsewhere. He’s just come through it

into this world, and I’m approaching it on my way out.

The Door is closed to both of us, now, but still fresh —

the memory of when we weren’t separate people

but instead just energy, light, awareness.

Today, on a visit to the park, he said,

“I’m going to make a bed for the faeries.”

He laid down the seashells he’d found along the shore

and covered it with tiny daisies,

so it would be soft. And sweet for them.

We made protective rails around it with sticks…

…and this was real for me. Is real.

As real as any war, or cup of coffee, or gallon of gas.

And I hold it as my greatest treasure today.


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