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100 Days of Gladness, Day 3

Finding Stuff You Lost

photo by author

Oh my goodness. Four things. FOUR THINGS I found!

Things 1 and 2. You know how you buy a pair of airpods, and then maybe you lose the holder? And you turn the house upside down to find the holder? Now you have the holder, but you can no longer remember which pocket the airpods are in. And that lasts a long time. So long, that now you have to give up because it’s been a couple months. So you just suck it up and replace them. This time for good.

Then you reach into the pocket of last year’s spring jacket and POOF! The first pair of airpods! YES! Okay so now you have two pairs of airpods, but only one holder/charger. No problem.

After a certain period of time (especially if you have ADHD), you have three

holder/charger/thingies, and no airpods whatsoever. You decide you’re not replacing them anymore because you just don’t deserve nice things.

That’s where I was about four days ago. And then it happened.

1. I opened an old glasses case that I was going to throw away. (Pair #1 of airpods found!)

2. A day later, I reached into one of Elena’s jackets that I must’ve worn some time ago. (Pair #2 of airpods found!)

So that was items one and two of the four items found.

Thing 3. The most worrisome. I’d lost track of my driver’s license and the credit card I most often use. They’re always together, and I always have them in a particular pocket of a particular wallet in my particular black back pack. Suddenly, not there.

Now this is a moment where a great deal of strategizing must be brought into play, because we don’t want the wife knowing that we’ve lost track of such important things. It doesn’t go well. So…we must ‘look without looking’ for the items. Retrace. Think. Try to let go, in the hopes that Sting’s “free, free, set them free,” works and they come back to me.

I’ll spare you the long story. They fell out of the back pocket of pants about to go into the laundry. YAHOOO!

Thing 4. My new glasses that I spent some Money on. They were progressives and I got them at Warby Parker. Lost. I only had them a few days. Lost! I. Looked. Every. Where. I finally gave up and decided to replace them…and in that moment, my eyes fell right on where they were:

diabolically in plain sight. I say “diabolically” because they were a light colored tortoise shell, and they had fallen onto our wood floor and they blended in absolutely perfectly with the design. It took me four days to find them. But I found them.

— — —

Each time, I rejoiced. Each time, I said, “Thank you!” to the Finding Spirits. Each time, there was a sense of joy in me; and this is new. Before, I used to feel only relief, capped by a harsh “how could you have been so stupid to lose this?!”

But not these four times. It was just joy. And a stealthy attempt to see the Finding Spirits watching me. As though we were playing hide and seek. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

May you all find everything you’re looking for. And may you feel the joy in it that I just felt. Every time.


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