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About the Author


To borrow Joni Mitchell’s words, Tina has “traveled the

breadth of extremities” in this life. She has rustled

cattle in Wyoming, and she’s dined in the desert with

Saudi Prince. She has taught yoga to inmates at

Rikers Island, and sold art to the Chairman of U.S.

Steel. She has shaken hands with Queen Elizabeth,

and she’s worked for a couple years at a soup kitchen.

She married young, had children, traveled the world,

worked hard, lost her mind, and eventually found her

way along a circuitous route that included desperation, prayer, meditation and therapy into the present moment. Her wife and three grown children are the roots that pull her feet into the ground and nourish the life that spirals up into her leaves. Writing, meditation and yoga practices keep her moving through the days with varying degrees of equanimity.

This blog is about what that looks like in real time.


Her essays and poems have appeared in Tricycle Magazine,, Germ Magazine, chronicle stories, and the Ninja Writer.


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