When: Thursdays
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Yoga Polarity Center, 30 Church St, Malverne, NY 11565.
Cost: $15.00


The space is warm and inviting, and lends itself beautifully to the community’s desire for increased mindfulness in daily life. The focus of this class is to encourage a daily meditation practice--no matter what it looks like. Students will be introduced to many different forms of meditation, and ways to practice almost anywhere.

All meetings begin with a couple of minutes of stretching, opening the body, really becoming present. We will check in, share our challenges and insights with regard to meditation in our lives. This is followed by a guided meditation, and a dharma talk. When weather permits, we will occasionally venture out into the world as a group to practice meditation in other settings, and other ways--some quite interesting and unorthodox—parks, beaches, subways, the mall, etc. The idea is, we step outside the box here, bringing mindfulness and compassion into everything we do. Join my mailing list (scroll down), so you’ll know when those dates are coming up.

My root teacher is Anam Thubten Rinpoche, who created the 
Dharmata Foundation based in Northern California. I have been a student of Rinpoche's and connected to the Dharmata Foundation since 1999. His gentle presence, his sense of humor, and his holistic view of the Buddha’s words continually inspire me to become more openhearted and mindful in everything I undertake.